New Hampshire Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Mr. Sandman's Hardwood Floor Care Tips
Serving Southern New Hamphire & Northern Massachusetts

Do not use Murphy’s Oil soap, wax, or any other kind of polish on the floor. It creates a buildup of wax that prevents a simple and cost effective buff and recoat to be performed at a later date.

Keep your floor clean. Keeping your floor clean form sand and grit is key to maintaining a nice finish over time. That stuff is terrible for a floor when someone walks through it and it grinds into the finish of your floor.

Avoid wearing high heels when walking on your finished hardwood floors. The sharp pointy heels can be murder on a newly finished hardwood floor. Make sure to take those heels off at the door, ladies, to keep that floor looking good.

Use carpets in places where a lot of foot traffic takes place. In front of the sink, in front of the door, or in the walkway, are all great spots to put an area rug. Keeping traffic off the heavily traveled areas is a smart way to prolong the next refinishing by slowing the wear on the high traffic areas.